Charlie Sheen Is Coming To Australia

If there’s anything that could overshadow this weeks Royal nuptials it could be the announcement of Charlie Sheen and an imminent Australian tour. The former Two and a Half Men star and his slew of personalities will arrive in Australia on May 7 for what he has vaguely described as a series of TV and radio shows with his new mate Scott Dooley of Nova’s breakfast radio show.

According to a report in the International Business Times of all things, Sheen announced in a recent recorded conversation with Dools: “I’m coming to Australia and we’re going to do a radio show together; then we’ll do a TV show and film that; and I’ll bring some scripts and do a Two and a Half Men and show everybody how it should have been done.”

The spontaneous announcement hasn’t been followed up by any formal tour dates yet, however Dooley – who has been on tour with Team Sheen since 21 April – confirmed the news yesterday. He said: “The details are vague and [Charlie] didn’t tell me what his exact plans are, but he said he’s coming out and I’m more than confident that he will.”

Sheen and Dooley became pals after the Triple J alumnae interviewed the actor shortly after he infamously walked out on his contract with our favourite tv sitcom.

If the Charlie tour does hit our shores will you be lured in by his enigmatic sheen*?

*Soz guys.

Words By Carla Efstratiou

Title Image- Still from “Two and a Half Men”