Charlie Puth was one of numerous artists to perform live in the pre-show for today’s One World: Together At Home streaming concert, joined by the likes of Kesha, Niall Horan and John Legend, who later came back for the main event.

Many singers took the opportunity to show off their fancy houses – Legend performed in front of a shelf of his Grammy awards, which is definitely a flex – but Charlie Puth kept it more minimalist, sitting at his keyboard in the midst of a messy room.

“I’m back at my parents’ house with my original setup,” he explained in the lead-up to ‘Attention‘, one of two songs he performed. “This is where I made a lot of music.” You can catch him singing his second one, ‘See You Again‘, below:

While fans praised the performance, some couldn’t resist having a go at the singer for his unmade bed and the general messiness of his situation. “Charlie Puth is the only person whose home actually looks like he’s been in quarantine,” said one fan.

I honestly love this for him.

The main event saw the likes of Taylor SwiftCeline Dion, Billie EilishLady Gaga and Lizzo, performing a selection of cover and original songs.