Charli XCX Dropped A List Of 13 Movies With Brat Energy And I Am Gagging At Her Choices

Charli XCX Brat movie list

As BRAT mania and fluoro green continue to overrun our algorithms, Charli XCX has further deepened the lore around her latest album with a list of movie accompaniments. 

The musician, who dropped her sixth studio album BRAT on Friday to rave reviews, worked with Roxy Cinema in New York City to host a screening series of films that radiate pure BBE (big BRAT energy). 

Featured in the lineup are debaucherous films which in another universe might’ve been soundtracked by BRAT. This includes the films Party Monster and Party Girl, as well as the high school flick Project X, which itself sounds suspiciously like an alternate Charli XCX album title. 

She’s everywhere she’s so Julia (ah-ah-ahhh). Source: YouTube

Elsewhere on the list is the erotic thriller To Die For starring Nicole Kidman and Joaquin Phoenix, and the Todd Haynes-directed musical drama, Velvet Goldmine. Speaking of her picks in an interview, Charli said the films “all have a BRAT-like energy to them,” which is coincidentally what my mother once told me at the age of seven. 

Charli went on to explain how she was “inspired by an atmosphere or a feeling or a persona” within the film, adding that they “in some way link to the world of BRAT.” It’s like how Ariana Grande‘s “Thank U, Next” had a distinct aughties romcom energy, or how anything from Kanye West in recent years feels like something cooked up by M. Night Shyamalan.

Rounding out Charli’s list is the 2008 music documentary A Cross the Universe — which follows the French electronic music duo, Justice — and 1996’s Daisies, about two women who, according to Roxy Cinema, “rip off older men, feast in lavish meals, and do all kinds of mischief” (total BBE). 

In what might be the most devastating omission since Margot Robbie’s Oscars snub or that time I forgot to add guac to my burrito, Roxy Cinema revealed that Wild Child — the 2008 teen comedy starring Emma Roberts — was included on Charli’s bratty films list, but couldn’t be shown due to screening rights. 

Basic Instinct, Human Traffic, Modulations, Yannick, and Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan were likewise on Charli’s list, but couldn’t be screened.

The singer-songwriter appeared at the cinema for a Q&A panel ahead of the Party Monster screening on Monday, continuing an iconic album rollout that has included boiler room sets, It-Girl populated music videos, and a hilarious viral list of “leaked” marketing gimmicks to promote BRAT

As the dust (or glitter) settles, we still hope Charli gets her nipples pierced at Claire’s.

Image Source: Universal Pictures, Press and Columbia Pictures