Charli XCX Had An Accidental ARIAs Nip Slip & Posted The Fantastit Footage On TikTok

Charlie XCX wearing a black dress, presenting an award when her dress falls to reveal her breast, which is blurred out and covered with a blue heart emoji.

Charli XCX accidentally flashed an entire boob after recording her presentation for the ARIAs, and in true queen energy she posted it to TikTok to let us mortals know that even divine beings have chaos moments. A woman of the people.

Charli XCX presented the ARIAs award for best pop release via video link, and it turns out there was a bit of a blip in recording that we didn’t see. Specifically, a bewb.

In a video posted to TikTok, Charli is standing in a black dress and presenting the award to a camera.

“And the ARIA goes to The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber for ‘Stay’. Well done, congratulations,” she says, waving bye to the camera while awkwardly swaying in probably the most endearing award presentation ever.

Also, I had to listen to that three times because my brain was not computing and fully thought she said “Kendall Roy”. The royification of the ARIAs.

Anyway, as she drops her arm from waving, an audible snap can be heard as the dress becomes a paid actress and immediately slips down to expose an entire titty. Like, a whole boob that jumps out with enthusiasm that’s so palpable it almost feels sentient.


congrats guys !

♬ original sound – Charli XCX

The girlies were too powerful to be contained, and Charli’s eyeballs nearly pop out when she feels the power emanating from her exposed boobie, immediately bending over and forcing them into captivity once again.

Titty 1, Charli 0.

Luckily the recording wasn’t live because that would have been a very eventful ARIAs indeed. But Charli uploaded the video of her tit’s bid for freedom onto TikTok this morning anyway, so we’re still getting the backstage tea.

The video’s caption is just “congrats guys !”, and the modesty… the unbothered energy… Charli XCX is the relatable queen we do not deserve.