Charity Refuses Dean Geyer’s ‘I’m A Celeb’ Cash Due To Animal Mishandling

The abomination fantastic piece of television, Aussie reality series ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’ has finally come to a close, with AFL star Brendan Fevola taking out the title in a bizarre montage of fireworks, thrones, Hard Yakka shorts, and culturally-appropriative headdresses. 

So, that means it’s time to pay the ferk up. Each of the ‘celebrities’ were getting smothered in snakes and eating bugs for the best possible reason – their winnings were going to a charity of their choice. 
However, one of the charities has pulled out of the deal, and have flat out refused the money. 
Former Australian Idol contestant Dean Geyer had chosen ‘Campaign Against Canned Hunting’ as his charity, which stands against the captive breeding of lions for the purpose of brutally slaughtering them to feel like your dick (or clitoris) is bigger than what it actually is (hunting). 
However, on the show, endangered animals (such as the breed of lions are bred for hunting) were featured on the show, including a scene where Jo-Beth Taylor handles and pets a rare white lion cub. This scene was condemned by both CACH and volunteer group For the Love of Wildlife.
Chris Mercer and Linda Park, directors of the charity, had this to say about their ‘THANKS BUT NAH THANKS’ moment:
“We were very happy to hear that Dean Geyer selected CACH has his charity of choice but we cannot endorse a program that sends out a wrong message to the public – that cub petting is OK. 

Our concerns were raised after watching Episode 10, where Jo Beth was participating in the ‘foot fetish’ challenge which involved using a 5 week old white lion cub. Dr Chris Brown shared that the cub was abandoned by it’s mother and that the other cubs had died and it was part of a breeding program due to white lions being critically endangered. He mentioned that it wasn’t part of the canned hunting industry.  

It would seem that Network TEN has been duped by the same story told to thousands of gullible tourists and volunteers. Lion farmers/captive lion breeders are astute to hide the ultimate fate of their alternative livestock – canned hunting. This is because cub petting/lion walks etc are such a profitable spin-off from the main purpose:- that of rearing lions to huntable size.”
So, not only did the show choose to use endangered animals for the sake of entertainment, they allegedly also ignored a warning from informed animal welfare advocacy groups way before the incident even happened! Nice. 
TEN have made a statement in response, saying, 

“Network TEN takes the welfare of animals very seriously and condemns the hunting of animals. Network TEN, along with ITV Australia, the producers of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! follow the guidelines as stipulated by the governing authorities, including the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), to ensure all animals used on set are handled calmly, correctly and safely. 

The production followed all due diligence procedures required by the SPCA. ITV and Network Ten condemn any canned hunting of animals.”
But, CACH say that TEN’s choice to use live lion cubs on-screen is uninformed and ‘undermines their work’:
“Dr Brown and/or the producers need to do their homework before endorsing activities that send such an irresponsible message. White lions are highly prized by hunters, private collectors, zoos and circuses around the world because of this rarity he speaks about. Where does he think these animals come from or end up? 

By handling cubs, this program and Dr Brown are endorsing the cycle of exploitation these animals face, and undermining our work.”
TEN have declined to reveal exactly how much money would have been donated to the charity. 

Source: TV Tonight
Photo: Network TEN.