Channing Tatum’s Fabled ‘Gambit’ Flick Looks Set For Production In 2017

It looks like a production timeline for Channing Tatum’s on again, off again Gambit flick has finally been set. In keeping with the New Orleans native’s character, somebody oughta rent a jazz band and throw a bloody parade. 
X-Men producer Simon Kinberg spoke at the the 2016 Saturn Awards, giving life to fans of the vastly under-appreciated X-Man. Kinberg said that after a shitload of turmoil behind the scenes, the crew now has “a great script on that and hope to shoot that movie at the beginning – or spring – of next year.”
Just in case your awareness of this saga has been razzle-dazzled by the mammoth main franchise, Tatum has long been an advocate for Remy LaBeau and his cool-as-shit card throwing / explosion conjuring capabilities. 
In fact, the production drama kinda mirrors that of Ryan Reynolds and his own pet project Deadpool – certified Hollywood heavy hitter targets kooky X-Men offshoot, struggles forever to get it off the ground, before finally channeling it through Twentieth Century Fox. 
Of course, it’ll take a lot of gusto (and gumbo) to match that flick’s success, but the foundational elements are there. Proven comedy and action talent? Check. Adoration of the source material? Check. Under the radar hero who is exponentially more interesting than the main players? Checkitty check check, friendo. 
Source: Entertainment Weekly. 
Photo: Max Fletcher Gomez / Twitter / Stuart C. Wilson / Getty.