It’s January 24th friends which means, like me, you’ve probably half-arsedly attempted some kind of New Years reso, only to already have binned that motherfucker of an idea (exercise is, by and large, for jerks) and gone straight back to the endless string of hideous decisions that is regular life.

Whilst many of us are happy to return to the filth that we make for ourselves, in fact quite content to never really grow as a human being at all, at least one person has stuck to his (frighteningly magnificent) guns in 2017 and that is Ultimate Beefcake Daddy, Channing Tatum.

The man who’s career has launched one-million lady-boners is all about “New Year, New Me” apparently, as it turns out his 2k17 goal of learning to play the piano is actually humming along quite smoothly.

In a video posted to Twitter overnight, old mate Channo revealed his newly found musical chops, busting out a, not entirely shithouse, rendition of Beethoven’s ‘Für Elise’.

Oh great, hone some more skills to add to your already obscenely large collection of your ridiculous abs and acting prowess and those abs and all those languages you speak and those abs.

Anyone know any good gyms?

Image: Getty / Eric McCandless.