If anyone lays a finger on my husband Channing Tatum they’ll be hearing from me, and that includes the obsessed fan who allegedly broke into the actor’s’s house and lived there for ten days.

According to recently-revealed court documents, a woman named Chantal trespassed onto a gated property owned by the actor, and then broke into the home, where she then decided to stay.

The house was vacant due to construction, and the woman was only discovered when an assistant stopped by to collect mail, found her, and alerted Tatum’s ex Jenna Dewan.

When asked what the hell she was doing there, the mysterious Chantal pulled a power move and claimed to be a maid working at the property, but that clearly didn’t work, because she was arrested on June 24.

Allegedly, this was not the first time that the woman had attempted to make contact with Tatum.

Court documents show that last November, she showed up at his home in an attempt to see him. He wasn’t there, but she left a letter for him, claiming that they had met years before.

The Magic Mike star has asked that the restraining order be extended to his personal assistants as well as Dewan and their young daughter, concerned that the woman is a threat to their safety.

Image: Getty Images / Taylor Hill