Channing Tatum Posted A Saucy Pic To IG If You’re Looking For 2 Tickets To See The Gun Show

Channing Tatum posted a thirst trap to Instagram today, dressed as a sparkly fairy with his arms on full show. Oh yeah, and he also wrote a children’s book. But, more importantly he really looks great in some fairy wings.

The photo was uploaded to promote the children’s book he wrote during quarantine called The One and Only Sparkella. In the post, Channing wrote that the idea came to him because of an incident where he accidentally locked himself in his daughter’s room (how on earth that’s possible, I don’t know). Anyway, as he was locked away in his daughter’s room, he discovered his inner child and then decided to write The One and Only Sparkella for his daughter.

But, what was meant to be a wholesome moment got a bit lost in translation in the comments, as many were distracted by his…well, everything that wasn’t in the book… I mean I don’t blame them. Some would say Channing really is a daddy in more ways than one.

Some of the best comments came from other celebrities like Dax Shepard, who thought to point out how ripped his body was looking in the cheeky pic.

If you want a copy of Channing’s new book, you’ll have to wait until May 4, 2021. No, he doesn’t come with the book too, so don’t ask.