The Simpsons has once again been removed from Channel Ten‘s lineup, leaving us with nought but nostalgia to show for the nightly 1990s ritual of impatiently waiting for the news to wrap the hell up.

The Herald Sun reports that episodes of the show’s latest season have been yanked from Channel Ten’s programming, after the network’s administrator Korda Mentha failed to reach an agreement with 21st Century Fox.

Channel Ten Has Officially Lost ‘The Simpsons’ So RIP Weeknight Nostalgia

It is believed Channel Ten wasn’t able to meet Fox’s financial expectations for a deal involving a whole host of goodies, including Modern Family, Futurama, and the back-catalogue of Fox movies.

It makes sense Channel Ten would choose to be a bit picky, considering the network is trying to streamline its offerings in the face of CBS’ imminent takeover, but the loss of those ageless yellow goons will still be keenly felt.

The loss of the Fox content comes after speculation the network would also be cutting back on home-grown shows like Bondi Rescue, Family Feud, Shark Tank, and rights to the V8 Supercars.

A Fox spokesperson said that they’d still be keen renegotiate if and when CBS takes control, but also mentioned Channel Nine and Channel Seven could also enter the fray for their content.

Until those deals are sorted out, feel free to escape back to a time when Channel Ten’s commercial blocks looked like this:

Source: Herald Sun
Image: The Simpsons / Fox