Channel Nine Wants You To Get Baked On TV

There’s an ancient Chinese proverb that goes something like “give a man a muffin and you feed him for two minutes during his coffee break. Teach a man to bake and he can go on The Great Australian Bake Off and win the title of the most baked person on Channel Nine, not including Joel Madden!” Or words to that effect.

In the latest development for what has been a stellar year for Australian television (evidence here, here and here), Channel 9 have opened (what I’m sure will be a well-greased) floodgate on applications for a new prime-time series ‘The Great Australian Bake Off.’ The original BAFTA-winning British version of the format has spawned four series in the UK (two original, one junior and one with athletes) and sees amateur baking fans trace the history of British baking by visiting local baking landmarks.

Filming over six weeks from September to October, the show is looking for amateur bakers over sixteen without a criminal record and any affiliation with Channel Nine staff. If that sounds like you, and you’ve got half a cup of experience, a tablespoon of enthusiasm, a pinch of drive and a pantry full of terrible baking analogies/ability you need only apply here.

I bet the resident baker on this season of Masterchef, Filippo ‘Steve Buscemi Eyes’ Silvestro is absolutely seething. Here’s a comparison of the two wearing aprons, both with Buscemi eyes:

Let’s hope The Great Australian Bake Off is as entertaining as this. Seriously:

Via TV Tonight