After earlier this week posting a total loss of $168 million dollars in the year to the end of August, Channel 10 look to be implementing a dual revenue generating and programming strategy that could best be described as Nail Your Balls To The Wall, Everyone, We’re Going The Full YOLO

Network Ten CEO Hamish McLennan has today conceded for the first time that they’re officially considering handing themselves a lifeline in the form of handing Sam Frost – a human woman presumably of great import and interest to you – a rose in the form of her own Bachelorette spin-off series.

In today’s Herald Sun, McLennan admits “The thought [of further humiliating Sam Frost on national television in exchange for advertising revenue] has crossed our mind” after the runaway success of The Bachelor, a Darwinian performance art piece that held captive the docile minds of legion Australian viewers with its lovingly rendered depiction of the hazards of dating on national television, or something, IDK.

We now have stable ratings that are growing,” says McLennan. “We have shows like ‘The Bachelor’ – people don’t stop talking about itit’s out of control,” he added not inaccurately, the real evidence of that statement laid bare by virtue of my writing these words and your reading of them.

The Herald Sun also add that Ten has remained heretofore tight lipped on the possibility of a Bachelor spin-off, with names that mean absolutely nothing to me like Lisa Hyde, Louise Pillidge and Rochelle Emanuel-Smith being bandied around as possible contenders due to the impressive performances they gave during their respective seasons of the show; also, possibly, because they’re just cool names to say over and over and over and over again until repetition renders them as incomprehensible as the idea that the show’s eponymous scrub houses a collection of Cabbage Patch Kid dolls in his bedroom at his Mum’s place

Everything’s coming up roses, I guess.

via The Herald Sun