Central Station Florist Says Police Had “No Choice” But Shoot Armed Man

The Sydney florist whose Central Station shop was the scene of a fatal police shooting yesterday has spoken about the incident, telling reporters he feels sorry for the man killed during the incident. 

Manuel Theoharas, 76, was working at the floristry when a man later identified as Danukul Mokmool, 30, allegedly began knocking over displays and causing a disturbance. 

Theoharas said Mokmool then grabbed him from behind, held a broken bottle to his neck, and instructed him to call the police. 

The shop-owner said Mokmool grabbed a pair of scissors from a nearby table. Theoharas was able to flee into the station.

Footage posted to social media shows several officers outside the shop telling a man to drop the scissors, before firing four shots in quick succession. 
Theoharas defended the actions of the officers, saying “I don’t think they had a choice because he could have run out there while he was holding the scissors to hurt other people.”

“I just feel sorry for him, he lose his life, the young man,”
Theoharas said, adding “they had no choice. If they didn’t he would have attacked them.”
Central Station was open as usual this morning. Theoharas said he didn’t hesitate to return to work, as “I have got all my friends here.”
Police have launched a critical incident investigation into the shooting, and have appealed for all witnesses to come forward.