Celine Dion’s Reaction To A Singing Fan Has Gone Viral For Being Peak Relatable Content

I love the internet. Mostly because it has the unique ability to pinpoint a 2-second moment, that would otherwise be overlooked, and blow it up into a viral masterpiece. Such piece of inspired content is footage of Celine Dion, who recently stopped her cab to listen to a fan’s spontaneous rendition of “I Surrender”.

The whole affair turned out to be super wholesome, with a full length video capturing the moment Celine fist-bumped the singing fan and commended her on the performance. But, wholesome, the internet is not, and Celine’s initial reaction has gone viral for being a straight-up 2020 mood.

I mean, look at her. This is me whenever someone says ‘I had a dream last night’ and begins recounting the random events as if I give the slightest of fucks.

This is also me in smokers when a visibly-drunk stranger attempts to give me unwarranted life advice.

SEE? So fucking relatable.

Also, this edit has well and truly sent me.

Behold, me when I meet a cute guy versus when I find out he doesn’t like Hilary Duff‘s Metamorphosis:

I need to stop. I’m sorry.

Major blessings to Celine for continuing to bless us with nuggets of internet gold. I shall now whip out my pair of weekend sunnies in the office and give vacant expressions to my co-workers for the rest of the afternoon. I will be taking no further questions at this point in time. Please respect my privacy.