Celine Dion Ushers In New Era Of Gay Rights By Crashing Karaoke Night At A Drag Bar

Celine Dion

At some point over the last few years, Celine Dion became a legit gay icon. Her power only continues to grow, and honestly, the way things are going, I’m surprised that hordes of twinks aren’t throwing themselves at her, begging her to sign bottles of poppers.

This week, the singer further cemented her legendary status by showing up unannounced to a karaoke contest at a New York drag bar, then getting up on the mic and singing one of her own songs. She truly is a queen for the people, and we love her for that.

Anyway, I’m getting away from the point here.  On Thursday night, Lips Drag Queen Show Palace Restaurant and Bar held a release party for Celine’s new album Courage. Punters were told that she would not be in attendance, but sure enough, she showed up just after midnight.

The karaoke contest was just wrapping up, so she jumped on stage to perform confirmed banger ‘Flying On My Own‘, the opening track from Courage. The response, as you can see from the below video, was very positive:

Celine reportedly took photos with attendees, and also “told the crowd that she hopes fans like the album and that she hopes her late husband, René Angelil, likes it too.”

Bottom line, this woman is a treasure and must be protected at all costs.