There’s really only one thing anyone’s talking about online this morning, and it’s the United Airlines passenger who was forcibly removed from his flight, leaving him reportedly bloodied and bruised.

Videos emerged of the passenger being dragged screaming by police off the flight, after a computer randomly-selected him and three other passengers to depart the over-booked plane and he refused. (He was a doctor, who reportedly refused because he had patients to see in the Louiseville area early Monday.)

United CEO Oscar Munoz has apologised “for having to re-accommodate these customers” (righto mate) and said the airline is conducting a detailed review to work out what the hell happened.

But in the meantime, celebrities are using the full weight of their star-power to tell United just what the fuck is up.

It all comes just two weeks after United was at the centre of an online furore after it refused to let three young girls in leggings board the flight, which escalated partially thanks to United’s boneheaded standard response (it simply told angry tweeters that it reserved the right “to refuse transport for passengers who are … not properly clothed,” which was ever really the issue).

In this case, Munoz’ official response is being any better received, either.

Photo: Audra D. Bridges / Facebook.