A Bunch Of A-List Celebs Were Spotted At A Sydney Restaurant, So Can One Of Them Adopt Me Pls?


A bunch of A-list celebrities like Christian Bale and Sacha Baron Cohen were spotted lunch’n together at a Sydney restaurant, so how do I get in on this elite squad??

According to The Daily Telegraph, Christian Bale, Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher, Russell Crowe, Taika Watiti, comedian Ross Noble and that random singer/ judge on The Voice were having a gas bag at Woolloomooloo restaurant, China Doll on Saturday.

Imagine going for a cute date on a Saturday arvo and bumping into bloody Batman himself? I would quite frankly, pass away.

Judging by the pap pics published in The Daily Tele, it looks like the A-listers were having a chat to locals. And oh, what I would give to be in the same room as Ross Noble.

There’s also a HOT rumour that Taika… and ugh what’s that woman’s name again? Oh, yes Rita Ora. Yes rumour has it that Taika and Rita Ora are dating, and good for them. But if true, that would explain why they’ve been spotted a hell of a lot together. They were also spotted at the Ru Paul’s Drag Race Down Under Sydney premiere on Friday night, and well…if the shoe fits.

If you’re a Sydney-sider, chances are you’ve been more than close to your very own celeb encounter. It seems like every week, a celeb gets spotted.

Last week, a cheeky punter leaked footage to PEDESTRIAN.TV, which shows Natalie Portman chatting with waitstaff at the Imperial in Syd ahead of a drag show.

Back in the days before COVID, a celeb encounter would mean seeing someone from a BUPA ad at your local McDonald’s (true story), or your step Mum telling you she used to go to school with Rachel Griffiths (again, true story). But these days you have a chance of bumping into Natalie Portman or Zac Efron. What a time to be alive!