Sweet, sweet angel Veronica Milsom finally hung up her boots at Triple J today in what was a truly heartbreaking experience for us all. But in true Ron spirit, she wasn’t going out without a bang.

Milsom has been the beloved co-host of Triple J’s Drive with Lewis Hobba since 2015, but in the lead up to the birth of her second child, Ron announced that she wouldn’t be returning to work after the bebe is born.

Ron gave us some truly wonderful content in her final week, including being the subject of this week’s Dog Act, in which she was forced to discuss why she exclusively refers to her husband, the father of her one-and-a-half kids and partner of 10 years Nick as her “special friend.” THE. TEA.

To send her off with the bang she deserves, Triple J organised an explosive final show, expertly named #RonVoyage. In addition to the top-tier show, which was broadcast from Sydney’s Crowbar, they also shared a number of celebrity shout outs to Ron on their social media.

First up, Ruel paid tribute to one of the funniest women to ever grace the airwaves.

Sweet angel KLP also shared some lovely words for Ron, calling her an “inspiring entertainer, comedian, writer, mother [and] friend.”

Aussie music sensation Tones And I (who’s last name I am convinced is “And I”) also shared the love, thanking Veronica for helping her navigate her first year in music.

But if that wasn’t enough star power, Adam from Peking Duk also sent a heartfelt farewell to our beloved Ron.

It’s understandable that Hot Ron wants to call it quits and focus on motherhood, but good God, it’s sad.

It’s 2020 and we’re slowly seeing more women in comedy and radio, but we’re still fed the narrative that women just aren’t as funny as men. But that’s simply untrue and Veronica ‘Hot Ron’ Milsom has been a constant reminder of that since she first entered Triple J as a weekender nearly 10 years ago.

It’s people like Veronica who truly stand out as icons for a younger generation of women in comedy and media as a living proof that girls can do whatever the fuck they want, and they can be really damn good at it.

We love you Ron, you will be missed.