Celebrities Climb Mountain, Movie Gets Made

What do Emile Hirsch, Santigold, Jessica Biel, Isabel Lucas and Lupe Fiasco have in common? Yeah, not a whole lot. They have however, all climbed Mt Kilimanjaro for reasons other than weight and resistance training. Their cause: raising money and awareness of the global clean water crisis. This, my friends, is much like so many other, celebrity-fronted PR stunts that have come before it, but with extreme sports and the threat of death thrown into the mix. The week- long trek, according to the website, is the world’s first virtual mountain climb. If that excites you, you’ll be one of possibly five people (max) who are anticipating the documentary film on the experience to be released March 14.

The funds raised will benefit he Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and Water For People’s Playpump Technology. It’s a great cause, and witnessing these celebrities interact could potentially be as rewarding as that time Snooki got punched on Jersey Shore. No promises though.

Bianca Georgiou