Cate, Kylie, Nicole Rank In BRW’s 2015 Richest Self-Made Australian Women List

Happy International Women’s Day, everybody! A day to reflect, to campaign, to remind yourself that you’re a badass bitch from hell, to engage in healthy discussion about gender rights and how we should equally celebrate women for 365 days of each year, not only one.

BRW’s annual self-made Australian women rich list has been released on International Women’s day to highlight the entrepreneurial, the creative, the daring women in Australia who have built their wealth and empires from the ground up. The truest definition of started from the bottom lives on in BRW’s list: Gina Rinehart, Australia’s richest woman, noticeably does not appear on the list because her wealth was not “self made”—rather, it was largely inherited and then expanded upon—despite her net worth being higher than all the 30 women listed combined.  

Topping the list of women who have significantly contributed to their own wealth is Vicky Teoh, co-founder of TPG Telecom. Teoh is worth a staggering $938 million. 

Also making the cut is Boost Juice’s founder Janine Allis, Baker’s Delight joint CEO Lesley Gillespie, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Kylie Minogue, Elle Macpherson and Carla Zampatti. Fitness queen Michelle Bridges is a newcomer to the list, landing at number 29 with a net worth of $53 million.

BRW’s Top 30 Richest Self-Made Australian Women:

1. Vicky Teoh, $938 million
2. Charlotte Vidor, 385 million
3. Hazel Rowe 376 million

4. Patricia Ilhan 366 million
5. Rhonda Wyllie 358 million
6.Nicole Kidman
331 million
7. Jade Turner 316 million
8. Jamuna Gurung 264 million
9. Imelda Roche 236 million
10. Penelope Maclagan
198 million
11. Therese Rein
192 million
12. Christina Quinn
191 million
13. Sarina Russo
103 million
14. Gail Kelly
94 million
15. Julia Ross 87 million
16. Janet Holmes a Court
82 million
17. Katie Paige
80 million
18. Kylie Minogue
79 million
19. Ines Scotland
78 million
20. Lesly Gillsepie
75 million
21. Carla Zampatti
71 million
22. Elle Macpherson
71 million
23. Maureen Wheeler
68 million
24. Janine Allis
66 million
25. Cate Blanchett
63 million
26. Carolyn Creswell
57 million
27. Tania Austin
56 million
28. Claire Gray
54 million
29. Michelle Bridges
53 million
30. Shemara Wikramanayake
51 million

Via BRW.
Lead image by Mark Metcalfe via Getty.