Last week, after Variety published an interview with Cate Blanchett in which she coyly said she has had relationships with women “many times”, the internet at large went into an absolute meltdown speculating as to her ~secret gay past~.

At the time, we asked if this is really a thing anybody should give a shit about, and at a recent press conference in Cannes, where her film Carol is in contention for the Palme d’Or, Blanchett did pretty much the same.

When the question inevitably came up, the actress said: “Have I had sexual relations with women? The answer is no,” noting that Variety apparently had a similar quote, but chose not to run it.

Blanchett added “in 2015, the answer (to that sort of question) shouldn’t matter”, mentioning that “in 70 countries around the world, homosexuality is still illegal.” Despite progress in some areas, she said, “we’re living in deeply conservative times.”

Carol, based on a novel by The Talented Mr Ripley author Patricia Highsmith, has been described as “a love story that starts at a trickle, swells gradually to a torrent, and finally bursts the banks of your heart.”

We’d be happy to never read the word ‘trickle’ ever again in the context of a film review but that still sounds pretty good.

via Yahoo News
Photo: Valery Hache via Getty Images