Cat Cops A Fine Roasting From Twitter After That ‘Bachie’ Kiss And Miss

Tonight – once again – someone tried to kiss an unwilling and not-so-keen Nick Cummins and her name is Cat. However, unlike ol’ mate Romy, Cat failed in tearing out his jugular and instead opted for an awkward laugh.

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Now presenting episode four in two equally beautiful scenes and the People’s Twitter.

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Scene One: Put The Cat Back In The Bag

Cat was the MVP of today’s weird Arrow Tag game. Despite or maybe because of crystal-loving Cayla’s warning, the Honey Badger whisked Cat away to the centre of the field for some wine and cheese and quality time.

You bet a lot of “bebs” were dropped.

Under the very incorrect impression that the Honey Badger wanted a pash, Cat wiggles forward, puts her arms around the Badger’s neck, and goes in for the kiss so naturally, NICK KISSES HER ON THE CHEEK.

It’s a rejection for the Bachie history books and one I will fondly remember whenever I’m having a shit day.

“I can feel – she’s edging in nice and close and Cat’s no dummy. She’s got a plan of attack. I can see it in her,” the Badger says.

That is exactly how one would describe their first kiss with someone.

Cat, realising how awkward the situation is, backs off as Australia momentarily forgets just how fucked Turnbull is.

Scene Two: “Fair Enough”

As the rose ceremony begins and ends and two women (who nobody really knows) are sent home, one of them named Steph approaches the Honey Badger, looks him right in the eyeballs and says: “I can’t believe I shaved my legs for this.” 

Her gaze lingers on the Badger a second more before she walks off into the night, whisked away by a limo and a few producers most likely patting her on the back for the extra tweets.

The Honey Badger, quite startled by his presumably first words with Steph, utters “Fair enough” as the episode comes to a close.

It’s beautiful in every single way –  cringey, but beautiful.

What a goddamn mood.


And that’s just about the gist of episode four – if you cut out Cass hugging Nick for the length of an episode when she receives her rose last. 

See you next week, bebs.

The Bachelor returns next Wednesday, 7:30 on Channel 10.

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