Whatever your feelings toward Bachelor villain Cat Henesey, watching her break down in tears on Bachelor In Paradise because she’d failed to make a connection with any of the guys was an emotional watch. Rejection cuts like a knife, and it was clear that Cat felt it hard during that first rose ceremony.

But it looks like there was a very delightful light at the end of the tunnel for the jewellery designer, if her Instagram account is anything to go by. Cat posted this loved-up pic last night – could it be that she’s found love post-Bachelor In Paradise?

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Another day in Paradise ????☀️????

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I mean… that certainly looks like a BOYFIE amirite? Cat and…. @twburgez sitting in a tree…

Lol jk, his name is Todd Burgez, and sadly he’s on private so no you can’t stalk him way back to 2015. Which is probably a good thing for the poor guy, who just wants a nice quiet life away from the 15-min-fame spotlight.

Daily Mail reports that the couple have signed a lease together in Brisbane, and have pics on them going on a KFC run. Nothing says “this is my live-in boyfriend” like KFC for dinner, IMO.

Cat also put this in her Instagram story:


Honestly? I’m happy for the gal. It’s likely her villainous ways were largely fuelled by spicy editing post-production and in actual fact, she was not a 10/10 demon. But who knows. Regardless, the woman looks loved-up and happy, so cheers to these two.

Image: Network Ten