Casey Wilson, star of the beloved Happy Endings and host of the Bitch Sesh podcast, is one of the latest celebrities to be arrested at the ongoing Fire Drill Fridays climate change protests in D.C.

Wilson was one of a number of protesters taken into custody this week – Jane Fonda, one of the driving forces behind the movement, was arrested, and may spend her 82nd birthday behind bars.

Catherine Keener of Get Out and Matt McGorry of Orange Is The New Black were also arrested at this week’s event.

Casey Wilson shared a picture of her own arrest to her Instagram earlier today. She wrote, alongside a picture of herself smiling while being led away in restraints:

“Our house is on fire. We must act now to save the planet from irreversible catastrophe and demand our political leaders take action to address this climate emergency.”

She said that the protest was “powerful beyond belief”, and added “I want to acknowledge my privilege, which allows me to be arrested with minimal consequence.”