WATCH: Steve Carell & Bryan Cranston Steal A Coffin In Trailer For New Film

The quietly moving trailer for the latest film from writer/director Richard Linklater, ‘Last Flag Flying‘, has just dropped.

The film features a moustachioed Steve Carell and a bearded Bryan Cranston as war vets, travelling across the country to attend Carell’s son’s military funeral at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia.

The pair, having picked up their army buddy – now a pastor – Laurence Fishburne, end up nicking the coffin and heading off to New York to stage a funeral of their own.

While shenanigans are assured – Linklater made Dazed and Confused and School of Rock after all – the film, hopefully accompanied by the Neil Young soundtrack of the trailer, promises to be quite sombre and meditative, maybe more akin to Linklater’s breathtaking Boyhood and Before trilogy.

It looks to be more of an exploration of the meaninglessness – and the camaraderie – of war,  and of course, the importance of male friendship, Linklater’s fave subject.

The film was co-written with Darryl Poniscan, the author of the novel on which the film is based. Poniscan’s earlier novel, ‘The Last Detail‘, featuring the same characters, was made into a film in the early ’70s, featuring Jack Nicholson.

Tbqh we are here for literally anything Cranston, Carell and Fishburne do: especially if it’s all three of them going on an “adventure” together.

The film is scheduled for release in November.