Cards Against Humanity Needs Your Twisted Mind For New Internet Edition

~ PSA ~ PSA ~ PSA ~ PSA ~ PSA ~ PSA ~ PSA ~ PSA ~ PSA ~ PSA ~ PSA ~ PSA ~ PSA ~

Cards Against Humanity is right this very minute hosting a Reddit AMA to source black and white cards for their latest World Wide Web pack.

The purpose of the new pack is two-fold:

1. To celebrate the internet culture.

2. To fund their “boring but necessary legal battles that are hard to explain to the public“. They facilitate you making incest jokes about Dick Cheney, so sounds about right.

In case you’re not familiar with the card game so fucked up that think you’ve nailed it when you pull the card ‘Two midgets shitting into a bucket‘, then it basically works like this: one person plays a black card which has a ‘fill-in-the-blank’, everyone else plays a white card to fill in that blank, and whoever makes the worst / best / funniest / most fucked-up suggestion wins.



Obviously best played with non-PC friends and substantial blood alcohol levels.

And since this game is ~ for the internet ~, it’s also going to be ~ by the internet ~. The CAH creators went straight to the world wide web heartland, Reddit, and are right now using the collaborative nature of the internet to source ideas for the pack.

Keen? Put your sick sense of humour and weird search history to good use HERE.

BTW here’s a the current cream of the crop / what to beat: