If you thought politics couldnt get much weirder than Donald Trump being the president and whatever the fukc Kanye 2020 was, think again because Cardi B wants to be a politician.

Cardi B, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, is most well known for her rap career and her reality TV stint on Love & Hip Hop: New York. but you’d better not put her in one box because the Hustlers actress has decided she wants to be a politician, and who are we to stop her?

She followed up with a tweet about America’s apparent lack of patriotism, which I guess depends on what kind of Americans you’re surrounded by.

I know, she doesn’t exactly strike you as the kind of person to want to run for office, but she’s been pretty vocal about politics since as early as 2016.

From endorsing Bernie Sanders to questioning prison reform, she seems to have a pretty solid understanding of a wide range of political issues and isn’t afraid to use her platform to share her thoughts on it.

TIME even published a guide to all of the times she’s spoken her mind about politics, and it turns out the rapper really seems to at least have an interest in furthering her political knowledge.

Although she’s previously  said she wouldn’t consider campaigning for office, she seems pretty serious about pursuing a political career this time around. Despite dropping out of Borough of Manhattan Community College before her career took off, she said she’d be willing to go back to school to further her education before making moves in politics.

When previously discussing her political views with Entertainment Tonight, the Bodak Yellow rapper said she’d run as a progressive Democrat if she ever chose to run for office.

“I want free health care and I feel like college education should be free,” she said. “That’s how I feel, that’s what I want. I can’t promise that because I don’t know if they will allow it to happen.”

At just 26-years-old, Cardi B has plenty of years ahead of her to get an education and enter the world of politics if she really wants to. With more money and fame behind her before she’s even turned 30, who’s to say she couldn’t run for office in 10 years time?

Celebrity politicians aren’t exactly a revolutionary concept. We’ve seen everyone from Sonny Bono (yes, the Sonny & Cher guy) and Clint Eastwood to Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger turning to politics after making a name for themselves in Hollywood.

I’m not endorsing Cardi B as a 2020 presidential candidate, but there’s really nothing stopping her from legitimately entering politics. Stranger things have happened.

If Trump can be the president, anyone can.

Image: Getty Images / Tim Mosenfelder