Shook Guests Reveal More Info On The “All-Out Brawl” Between Nicki & Cardi

We were absolutely shook when video footage from the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party circulated online showing the all-out brawl between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj but we can’t even begin to comprehend what it must’ve been like to actually be inside the event.

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A guest who was at the Carine Roitfeld party at the Plaza Hotel in New York City on Friday told Us Weekly that the rappers’ feud quickly became the evening’s main topic of conversation.

“Guests on the carpet were buzzing about the fight,” the source revealed, adding, “Everyone was in shock.”

Another eyewitness revealed that news of what happened quickly spread throughout the venue.

“Everyone was talking about it and checking social media to see what happened,” the eyewitness said. “Christina was [performing] her biggest hits but Cardi and Nicki news definitely took over.”

The scrap went down when the two rappers crossed paths after having their photos taken.

Cardi B was reportedly “swearing and shouting. Nicki just stood there and was cool. She did not flinch. Cardi was throwing punches, trying to get at Nicki and then threw her shoe at Nicki.”

Minaj is said to have avoided being hit by the shoe as it was intercepted by a member of security.

The source told the publication that “about 10 people” became involved in an “all-out brawl.”

”I saw pieces of Cardi’s red dress be ripped from her body and I saw chunks of hair or hair extensions be ripped and go flying into the air,” the source said. “There were a bunch of security guards screaming at the parties … trying to break up the fight.”

The new mum was then escorted from the venue by security with a noticeable bump above her eye.

Cardi later posted a statement to her Instagram and though she doesn’t explicitly mention anyone in particular, she claims this certain individual crossed a line when they negatively commented about Cardi’s daughter, Kulture. 

Source: Us Weekly

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