Cardi B Claims Leaked Insta DM Where She Slams Nicki Minaj Is Photoshopped

Cardi B hates Nicki Minaj‘s guts. A fact™. And since the outspoken rapper has been incredibly vocal about her disdain towards her rival, what with the public brawl and the social media posts, I believe her when she says that a recently ‘leaked’ DM where she blasts Nicki is 1000% fake.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Cardi shares an Insta DM that is supposedly between her and a Minaj fan, writing:

“THIS IS FAKE! I’m in a good space right now in life. I had an amazing week, I’m working a lot of things so I’m EXTREMELY BUSY and my daughter keeps me happy. STOP PUTTIN ME IN FAKE DRAMA! Stop making FAKE DMs, photoshopping likes and putting me in corny ass fan drama. I’m not a kid, I be with the smoke but I don’t be with that little kid shit. GET OFF MY DICK WITH THE BULLSHIT.”

In the DMs, Cardi allegedly writes:

“I ain’t start shit with that bitch, she know what she did! Fuck all y’all, I’m not about to keep arguing with a damn delusional Nicki Minaj minion. Just watch! My new shit about to outsell Queen or whatever that bullshit is.”

Cardi’s post is now absent from her Insta page but luckily the Twitter account @musicnewsfact saved the receipts and shared it for us.

Taste the tea below: