It seems that model Cara Delevingne is very unhappy with a recent Vogue profile that paints her as flaky, and claims she fell asleep several times during her interview.
The article, written by author and socialite Plum Sykes, begins with an anecdote about Delevingne oversleeping and “tumbling” into an interview late, even though it was happening just blocks from her house. 

So far, so awkward. Sykes later took Delevingne to a posh country house, to drink tea and gossip and get some photos done, but once again, Delevingne fell asleep, leaving her interviewer in the lurch.

The kicker came when Sykes spoke to a photographer, who also had some mean things to say about Delevingne’s constant napping. 

“I call photographer Tim Walker, who has worked with Cara many times. “Every shoot I’ve done with her, she’s fallen asleep,” he tells me. “She slept for seven hours on one Mulberry shoot.”
When sites like Jezebel and NY Magazine began picking up on the story, Delevingne saw it, and was understandably not so amused. Earlier today, the model took to Twitter to defend herself. 


Yasssss bish. Look at all this fuss that’s being made (in which we’re obviously complicit, and so are you, because you’ve read this far) about a young woman who wanted to get a little rest because she works hard and needs some time to herself. Let’s join hands and revel in how the internet is truly a wonderful and terrible place and see how this one plays out.
Photo: Pascal le Segretain via Getty Images