Cara Delevingne Uses Bisexuality to Deflect Cocaine Noise

The Internet went bananas on Sunday when Brit Victoria’s Secret angel and face of H&M, Cara Delevingne, dropped a ‘mysterious’ bag of white powder outside her home on the weekend. 
Countless parallels were then drawn been between the 20 year-old Brit model and the other powder nosed Brit Kate Moss, being that Moss also held a contract with H&M before she was dropped in a suitably less mysterious incident involving cocaine. 
The Internet continued to manifest into a flurry of speculation: Will H&M give her the flick? What does this mean for her health? Is this a good opportunity for completely unrelated, left field comments about bisexuality (“After failing to find the keys, bisexual Cara went to her model agency Storm for help”)?
Maybe not then, but now, certainly.
In a classic case of ‘but look what else I can do!’ Cara on Wednesday deflected the blow with the expertise of a true bisexual professional, posting a saucy Instagram photo of herself snogging Sienna Miller, 31. Accordingly, the Internet wigged out even harder and everybody forgot about that thing with the illicits. Satiny smooth. 

Photo by by Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images Entertainment