Cancel Your Plans, ‘Cos Terry Crews Is Doing A 24-Hour Xmas Painting Livestream

terry crews christmas painting livestream

I don’t mean to conflate real life with TV, but I’m pretty sure that Terry Crews 100% is Sergeant Terry Jeffords from Brooklyn 99. The man, like the character, is insanely jacked, a profoundly calming presence, and just like in the show, he is a damn good artist.

And we all get to experience the joy of making art with Terry, because right now NBC is doing a 24-hour stream of the man himself painting holiday scenes in front of a crackling fire, a Christmas tree, and several pictures of the Brooklyn 99 cast. Can any of us ask for a better gift than this? 

Okay, so it’s not Terry crews actually painting for 24 hours – that would be insane – but it is one perfect hour of Crews dabbing paint onto a “good-looking tree“, which NBC has kindly looped for our enjoyment.

As the AV Club puts it: this is that Bob Ross level of soothing.

Image result for sergeant terry jeffords art gif

Just for the record (in case you weren’t already aware), Crews really is a celebrated illustrator, with a past life as a newspaper courtroom illustrator – i.e. the bloke who draws those awesome sketches of people during trials.

So cancel your Saturday night plans. You’ve got more important things to do – like find out how many times can Terry say, “Oh man that’s a pretty tree“. How many indulgent chuckles will we get from the mountainous gentleman? Exactly how calm will you feel after watching Sarge paint a truly unimpeachable Christmas tree?

You will just have to find out.