This Canadian Woman’s Riveting iPhone Rescue Saga Needs To Be A Movie, Stat

Just a few days ago, we brought you the cliffhanger tale of Liz Bertorelli, a Toronto woman who somehow dropped her iPhone onto the balcony of the neighbour directly below her, and tried everything in her power to get it back.

It was already a riveting story: the forlorn iPhone bravely flashing up notifications just out of reach of an increasingly desperate Bertorelli, the neighbours strangely and persistently absent, and a Greek chorus of Twitter users shrieking advice, encouragement and distractions as Bertorelli updated us in her struggles.

Our story left off as night fell in Canada, and she gave up the pursuit for the evening – disappointed, but not defeated.


After weathering a storm, attempting a drone rescue, breaking the drone, repurposing the drone, and finally lowering the sticky-tape laden drone-on-a-string to the balcony below…


Triumph of triumphs, joy of joys, Bertorelli has RESCUED THE PHONE.

Considering this story has made me feel more genuine emotions than almost any film in recent memory, I think it’s about time someone get Hollywood on the phone. It’s got everything: drama, pathos, adventure, friends who are rockclimbers, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Canadians, drones, and mysteriously missing neighbours.

Seriously, where the hell are they?

A mystery to be solved by the sequel, no doubt.