Can A Second Series of Puberty Blues Save Channel Ten?

No, probably not. Not on its own, anyway. But that won’t stop Southern Star producers John Edwards and Imogen Banks from trying! The indefatigable duo behind Ten’s highest rating show – which pulls luke warm audiences of around 800,000 – have started developing a follow-up season to the televisual remake of the 1970s coming-of-age classic. Today’s Telegraph are reporting that Edwards and Banks “are discussing it now. There’s a strong chance, [we’ve] been in the plotting room and are well into development ourselves.” The catch is – and there’s always a catch – that the flailing network haven’t actually given the producers any kind of confirmation; probably because they’re too busy making all the really bad programming decisions.

Another minor problems exists in that the proposed second season wouldn’t be able to draw from the same source material that has proven popular with intergenerational audiences, and with only three episodes to go, you’d think Ten would want to make a call either way pretty soon.

Ex-Chief Programming Officer, David Mott, had enough foresight to suggest a second series would be a good idea, but that’s also coming from a man who approved The Shire, Can Of Worms, Being Lara Bingle, I Will Survive, Everybody Dance Now and Don’t Tell The Bride, so take from that what you will.

Edwards told The Telegraph, “We’d imagine fairly much continuing on in the late ’70s with pretty much the stories as we left them, maybe a year further on. We have struggled with decent numbers for the lead-in, but we are so happy with our show.”

After overhauling triple-threat talent search ‘I Will Survive‘ earlier this week, Ten’s hopes are now pinned solely on the success of fast-tracked episodes of international heavy hitters New Girl, Glee, Homeland, Modern Family, and locally sourced content Underground: The Julian Assange Story, as well as the network’s attempt to put a face on the lowest common denominator name in television, a TVSN channel.

MasterChef Melbourne and the non-ratings Christmas period can’t come soon enough for Ten. Seriously.

Here are some Channel Ten themed GIFs that might go some way to describing how it feels to be Ten again.