Camp Cope Are Bringing Back Their Crowd Hotline To Ensure Bastard-Free Gigs

If you’ve ever seen live music, you’ll find that folks can get a bit rowdy. People can get a bit too het up on the excitement of seeing a band they really like, and seem to think it’s absolutely ok to invade the personal space of others in the process of having a bit of a boogie at the show.

If you step back and think about it, that’s a really shitty thing to do. It’s not nice to get all up in someone’s business and I’m sure as hell you wouldn’t want someone jacking up your experience, would you?
If you went to one of the various Laneway Festivals this year, you would have spotted one of the 1800-RESPECT posters up, which was an initiative sparked by Camp Cope in partnership with the festival. Well, folks, they’re bringing back their Safe Space Hotline for their upcoming national tour with Against Me!.
The hotline runs on the same basis – if you’re not feeling comfortable at the show, call the hotline and someone will help you.
The band of babes will have the number to call jotted down on small pieces of paper at the merch desk. By calling this number if you’re feeling unsafe or uncomfortable, someone will help you out. 
It’s absolutely true that everyone has the right to feel safe and comfortable when watching live music. Everyone has paid their hard-earned dosh to go and watch bands they wanna enjoy. Let’s look after each other, yeah?
Catch Camp Cope on tour over the next couple of weeks with Against Me!. Check out the dates below and prepare to have your faces melted.
May 3 at The Triffid, Brisbane
May 4 at Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
May 5
 at Max Watts, Melbourne
May 10
 at Unibar, Wollongong
May 11
 at Manning Bar, Sydney
May 12
 at Rosemount, Perth
Photo: Ian Laidlaw.