Calvin Harris, Florence Welch Slam UK Conservatives For Daring To Use Tunes

International superstars Calvin Harris and Florence Welch have both publicly chided the U.K. Conservative party for using their songs without permission.

The conference was already something of a clusterfuck, with party leader Theresa May‘s keynote speech interrupted by coughing fits, the set literally falling down around her, and a prankster handing her a P45 –  a.k.a. the tax form employers give to departing staff members – halfway through, telling her in no uncertain terms to quit.

(And that’s before you even get into the contents of the speech: weak policy proposals, telling her colleagues to stop obsessing over their own career prospects, and unable to escape the shadow of Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn. Her future as Prime Minister is looking increasingly short.)

May walked out to the stage to Calvin Harris & Rihanna‘s track ‘This Is What You Came For‘ (ironic, given lines like “we say nothing more than we need”, and weird, because the entire song is about really wanting to bone someone). Later, Florence and the Machine‘s track ‘You Got The Love‘ also played, this time ironic because no one could accuse the Tory party of having ‘the’ love, or any other kind of love.

Both artists tweeted that the songs had been played without their approval, and that permission wouldn’t have been given, anyway.

Calvin Harris even offered some friendly medical advice to May.

Rihanna hasn’t commented, so we’ll just have to imagine her reaction.