André Aciman‘s sequel to Call Me By Your Name will be hitting the shelves next week.

Find Me begins 10 years after that initial summer. The first third of the novel is apparently written from the perspective of Elio’s now-divorced father, Sami, whose lust for life is reignited by a new, younger love. Elio moves to Paris and subsequently has a “consequential affair”, while Oliver, a college professor in New England, thinks about returning to Europe. In the final part of the novel, Elio and Oliver reunite once more.

Speaking with Vogue, Aciman discussed the evolved, yet forever-intricate relationship between Elio and Oliver.

“They are clearly more mature now and know how fragile life can be. They have both had other relationships, they know that they have to be careful and that a separation, should it occur again, would be devastating.”

Aciman also discussed the importance of the sequel. “Find Me gave me a sense of closure and finality. Of course, life is full of surprises and no road is without bumps or wrong turns. But I think this ends the tale of Elio and Oliver.”

Who knows what Elio and Oliver’s futures hold – the only thing that’s certain is that we’re going to need a whole stack of tissues.

Find Me is slated for an October 29 release. For more info, check out the offical website here.

BRB, listening to Call Me By Your Name‘s heart-breaking soundtrack and scream-sobbing at my desk. Alexa, blast ‘Visions of Gideon’.

Image: Sony Pictures Classics