California Shooter Elliot Rodger Called Himself a “Powerful God” in Disturbing Manifesto

A number of disturbing new details have surfaced in the case of alleged California mass shooter Elliot Rodger, including the discovery of three bodies at the young man’s apartment, and a manifesto outlining his plans for the killings.

Rodger, the son of Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger, went on a shooting spree in Los Angeles over the weekend, claiming he was taking “revenge” on women who rejected him. The death toll from Rodger’s shooting spree currently stands at seven, including Rodger himself, but after searching his apartment in Isla Vista, police discovered three bodies, all of whom had been stabbed.
In addition to uploading a chilling video outlining his planned shooting spree, Rodger penned a lengthy manifesto, entitled ‘My Twisted World’, which he published just hours before the massacre. 
The manifesto, published here, starts off as an account of Rodger’s early life, where he mentions his childhood love of dinosaur films like The Land Before Time and Jurassic ParkIn later parts, it devolves into a screed against the “evil” of women, who he says should be kept in concentration camps and “abolished.” 

Rodgers, a self-described 22-year-old virgin, outlines outlines years of perceived rejection by women, and describes himself as a “powerful god”, asking “who’s the alpha male now, bitches?” 

In the text, Rodger also spoke of plans to “silently kill” people from around Isla Vista by luring them to his apartment by means of trickery – it is speculated that the three stabbing victims were a part of this plan, and may have included his roommates. 

Alan Schifman, an attorney for the Rodger family, has confirmed that Elliot was “involved’ in the shooting. In a statement to America’s ABC News, Schifman said that Elliot had been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and was being treated by several therapists.   

Schifman’s statement described Elliot as a “loner” who had been been bullied by classmates for much of his life.

via Daily Mail
Photo: Robyn Beck via Getty Images