Caitlyn Jenner has announced that she is running as a Republican candidate for governor of California, because how could a former reality star running for office on a conservative ticket possibly go wrong?

No really, I can’t think of any recent examples of when a TV celebrity latched on to the Republican party and ran for political office, only to create utter chaos for four years. Not a single one. Absolutely nothing to see here, folks.

ANYWAY, it seems that California’s current first-term Democrat governor Gavin Newsom is expected to face a recall election this year, with the process in its final stages, and Caitlyn Jenner is hoping to sneak in and replace him.

The former Olympic athlete announced her run on Twitter, saying she is a “proven winner” and the only candidate who can turn the state around after Newsom’s time in office.

Though Jenner has touted herself as an LGBT advocate in the past, she has been criticised for her very vocal support of Donald Trump, whose administration actively sought to strip trans people of their rights in the US.

LGBT advocacy group Equality California has already said that it will oppose the former reality star’s run, while the Newsom campaign has said that she will turn the recall into “a ludicrous circus full of Trump supporters.”