With all this spare time, we may as well have a red hot go at trying to learn a new language. Keep the brain ticking over while we’re all kinda cooped up inside except for necessities and leg-stretching. It’s not fun to try and go it alone, especially without someone who speaks it fluently and can teach you all of the cadence and inflections. So, in their ongoing quest for total world stan domaination, BTS now wanna teach you Korean through online lessons.

Over on Weverse – a whole app/site created by Big Hit – the K-Pop icons have been putting up videos that teach you Korean colloquialisms and phrases through their massive songs like ‘Boy With Luv’ and ‘Black Swan’.

Of course you’ve got the choreography down, so it’s time to learn the lyrics properly.

There is truly no better time to pick up the hobby of learning a new language, and if it means you can start to understand and sing along to arguably the biggest boy band in the whole bloody world right now (and maybe score some brownie points with your K-Pop-obsessed mates), then why the hell not, hey.

Having BTS as your teachers for your Korean lessons is probably the best way to do it, cos god knows the Duolingo owl is just a sassy little binch that I’m very much sick of at this point in isolation.

Please, let RM be my adorable language teacher for the next couple of months. I won’t get any of my work done but I’ll be fluent in Korean in no time, I reckon.

There’s three episodes up so far, which get you practicing consonants, and learning how to introduce yourself, and how to say hello and goodbye. Apparently episodes/lessons will drop every Monday night at 9pm Korean time, which is 11pm AEDT for us.

You’ll have to create a Weverse account to get in on the lessons but hey, what else are you gonna do?

Image: YouTube / Big Hit Labels