Brynne Edelsten, a woman we all know for reasons immediately apparent to everyone, is slated to appear in a second season of the glittering tragicomic illusion that is [Her] Bedazzled Life. The searing docudrama is scheduled to air on Channel 7 later this year and will feature a divorce plot line courtesy of her recent separation from man of many tasteful shirts and an $18.2 million debt, Doctor Geoffrey Edelsten

As best friends are wont to do when you’re going through a painful separation from your bankrupt septuagenarian husband of three years who entered into an extramarital affair with a woman he found on, seriously, Brynne’s best friend and former manager has confirmed to that Brynne not only spent Christmas Day “in bed, in a ball, just absolutely devastated” at the dissolution of her marriage due to irreconcilable scrubs, but that the former cocktail waitress from Arizona will remain based in Australia, where she plans to build her portfolio of garish red carpet ensembles. Cool.

Channel 7 have also confirmed that S02 of My Bedazzled Life has entered into post-production stages, in time for an air date in the first half of 2014.

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Photo: Scott Barbour via Getty