Like a cockroach that simply won’t die no matter how much you smack it with a rolled up newspaper, Bryce Ruthven has orbited back into our collective consciousness because he’s gotten control of his Instagram after Married At First Sight.

Whoever gave him the logins, I cannot thank you enough for this truly cursed gift. Somewhere out there, a finger just curled down on a monkey’s paw and I have a feeling we’re yet to see the full extent of his Instagram presence.

Bryce confirmed his return to Instagram with a post of himself and Melissa Rawson (who got her account back tonight too), confirming that the pair are still together and still in Melbourne. I mean I assume the man simply can’t show his face in Canberra or around his “friends” anymore, so I guess he’s in Melb for good now?

Because it’s Bryce and he simply cannot let things go, he’s also put a story up on his Instagram thanking people for following him through his (fucken tumultuous) MAFS journey.

“If you sent us a message, everything’s been deleted,” he said.

“So if there was any that liked us on the show, thank you. If there was any that hated us – well probably didn’t hate her, probably more hated me at times but, look – you can send it through again. I’m not gonna read it.”

Ever the charmer, you god damn brick.

This face, I just can’t. That smartass energy just makes steam come out of my ears like I’m some Looney Tunes character.

bryce ruthven instagram mafs

Bryce then takes a moment to gloat about the fact that him and Melissa are still together, just rubbing it in that he ~won~ the experiment – despite it absolutely not being a competition.

“We’re actually still together,” he sneers in a way that makes me want to throw my phone across the room.

“Maybe surprise surprise to some, but thank you to those who actually do support us and like us. We like you back.”

What a treat, someone start the stopwatch until Bryce has his first furious 12-slide Instagram story rant, and then follows up with a notes-app statement post.

Image: Instagram / @bryceruthven