Married At First Sight groom and gronk Bryce Ruthven is reportedly in the next season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! because apparently, we haven’t suffered enough in these last six months.

According to So Dramatic! podcast host Megan Pustetto, the controversial 30-year-old reality TV star has been going around claiming that he’s “in talks” to go on the next season of I’m A Celeb. Please. God. Not Mr. Gaslighter McGee.

“A few weeks after Bryce returned from filming Married At First Sight, before the show even went to air, Bryce told everyone in the HITT office that he was already in talks with producers of I’m A Celeb,” Pustetto said her sources told her.

Now, it’s worth noting that Bryce has gone on the record for saying things and not really meaning them before, and him saying this could very well be his way of manifesting it. But, bestie, surely you know that with the pink moon this week now is not the time to manifest and charge your crystals?

“Apparently he had a Skype meeting with the executive producer a couple of weeks ago and has been bragging about it to anyone who’ll listen,” Megan added.

“I am not joking guys. I am not making this up. I swear to f-ing god.

“He said they were very interested in him and he was having serious talks and they were desperate to sign him.”

Meanwhile, I am desperate to see him suffer. If reality TV queen Abbie Chatfield had to guzzle cum and get bitten by a snake to win, then Bryce Ruthven, a man who has a literal social media target on his back after the gaslighting behaviour he exhibited on MAFS, better come out of this battered and bruised. Who knows, maybe an experience like this will change the man.

On the other hand, the Marie Kondo in me is living for the potential chaos in this casting. Hell, I almost want it to be even more chaotic and pull from the list of Aussies heading to the Bad Place. I’m talking: Pauline Hanson, Kyle Sandilands, Sonia Kruger, and Schapelle Corby. Either way, I do have to wonder: will he kiss his fellow contestants in this without their consent, too?