One of the best and least mentioned things about social media is that it has exposed to us the fact that certain celebrities don’t really know how to use their computers and smartphones. Some of them seem like they would be incapable of using a microwave, actually. A tip of the hat to those celebs who seem fundamentally incapable of using technology and yet insist on maintaining their own social media presence.

Such is the case with Bruno Mars, who has been on Twitter for eight years and hasn’t quite worked out that you can actually attach more than one photo to a tweet. Instead, he painstakingly creates image collages so he can fit all of his images into one. Like so:

The fans are here for him, though. He gives the fans big neo-funk pop choons, and they respond with extremely basic IT advice. It’s an equitable transaction.

Fans mourned the collapse in Bruno’s illusory existence, the utter shattering of his belief that his “collage skills” were getting “pretty epic”.

Let that be a lesson to any other celebrity out there labouring under the misapprehension that their collage skills are “cool” or “gnarly” or “lit”. They are not. Go sign up for lessons at the Apple Store or some shit, celebs.

Image: Getty Images