Please Enjoy Sport Dad Bruce McAvaney Cutting Serious Shapes To Daft Punk

Is there really anything more that I need to add to this? Is there also anything purer than one of Australia‘s most beloved sports commentators Bruce McAvaney dancing like the precious mid-60s dad that he is?


[jwplayer jqFqa929]

Filming a tv promo for the Melbourne Cup, Macca is surrounded by various folk – who are the rest of the racing broadcast team but could be part of the whole ~fashions on the field~ thing – and is mostly still as Daft Punk blares out in the room, before singing “One more time” in very off-key and exploding into semi-choreographed, very strong dad dance.

The rigid determination to get every movement on the right beats, the look of sheer elation and joy on his face, the fact that he gave not a high-five but a high-TEN to everyone in the room. It’s beautiful.

It’s like watching someone’s parents in a flash mob at a wedding. It’s very wholesome content and I insist you must watch it immediately, with the sound right up.

Say what you want but I bloody love a cobber who shamelessly carves up the dancefloor like Macca. What a fuckin’ lord.