The Infamous Pontiac Bandit Is Set To Return To ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ S6

In excellent news, Doug Judy (Craig Robinson) AKA The Pontiac Bandit AKA the smoothest crim out there is set to return to Brooklyn Nine-Nine for its sixth season to commit more devilish deeds.

Like this very bad crime:

[jwplayer BJc4no54]

Judy, as you’ll fondly remember, is Jake Peralta’s arch nemesis/bestie who usually appears in one episode a season – always a part of some elaborate plot and always in an iconic episode that warms the ol’ heart.

For confirmation, we have the good people at TheWrap to thank after they kept on nudging showrunner Dan Goor to say the words even though he was quite reluctant to spill them, at first.

“I can say that Craig Robinson, I believe he’ll be back. Probably for one episode.”

Then, in what I presume is reassurance Goor said, “No, we’ve not seen the last of Doug Judy. Craig will almost definitely be back.”


For the past five seasons we’ve had Jake going after Judy, Jake catching but losing Judy, Judy tricking Jake and Amy onto a cruise ship, and Jake and Judy teaming up x 2. Season six’s Doug Judy episode could be anything.

Also coming up in season six is an entire episode dedicated to our favourite useless-but-an-integral-part-of-the-team detectives Hitchcock and Scully. This time Goor was at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con when he told the crowd: “There’s a fun Hitchcock and Scully episode coming up.We might see them in their past at some point.”


As you may or may not remember, for 48 hours fans of the aggressively popular series were strapped to a nauseating emotional roller coaster after learning some-completely-out-of-touch person at Fox had decided to axe the series. Hour after hour, new updates emerged seemingly throwing us a lifeboat – Netflix and Hulu were both rumoured to save the series but neither stepped up. Then, when all hope was lost, NBC struck a deal and was thus known as The Ultimate Network/Genius of 2018.

The next 13 episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine season six are slated for release 2019 on NBC.

It’s hApPenNinggggg:

I mean… while we’re all here:

Seasons one to four of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is available on Netflix.