The Latest Ep Of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Finally Introduces Us To Rosa’s GF

Brooklyn Nine-NIne

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the gift that keeps on giving, has a new episode out. In it, we finally get to meet Rosa Diaz‘s (Stephanie Beatriz) new girlfriend.

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In episode 11, titled Therapist, Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) finds out Rosa has a new girlfriend that everyone else has met. Meanwhile, Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) asks Jake (Andy Samberg) for help on a case when a therapist reports a patient is missing and Amy receives a package she’s pretty sure was meant for Terry (Terry Crews).

Anywho, Rosa’s girlfriend Jocelyn is played by comedian Cameron Esposito. 

Considering how private Rosa was in the earlier seasons and how uncomfortable she was with sharing her personal life with Captain Holt, this is a pretty big episode.


On Twitter, Esposito shared the same GIF twice, once with the caption “TODAY IS THE DAY I KISSED A WOMAN ON NETWORK TV” and another praising the show for its representation.

The actor also shared a couple of pictures from her time on set.

“So incredibly excited to tell u ROSA’S GOT A GIRLFRIEND & IT’S ME,” Esposito tweeted. “The cast + crew at #brooklyn99 rule & @iamstephbeatz is a dang hero.” 

No doubt about it.

Earlier today, Brooklyn Nine-Nine also shared a lil’ snippet of the latest episode on their channels.

Prepare to cry.

Also, of course Captain Holt steams his crinkled notes.

Speaking of which, Braugher is a total whizz on the socials now and posted this baby after the episode’s premiere.

Beatriz and Esposito previously teamed up on the latter’s QUEERY podcast. In episode seven, the pair discuss being too hard on yourself, bi erasure, and experience with eating disorders.

You can catch the latest season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on SBS On Demand.