Here’s A Bunch Of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Quotes Describing Broadway Musicals

It took us a while to get here, but good lord are we ever glad that it did. Last week we had the marvellous dual interpretation of the works of Shakespeare as funnelled through screencaps and quotes from both The Office and Parks & Recreation, both of which lined up so perfectly we nearly shed tears. Now, because this is the natural evolution of the trend, we’ve got this magnificent re-telling of Broadway musical plots through the sheer, magnificent glory of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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A thread on ye olde Twitter surfaced over the weekend, blending gags from the show with a swathe of musicals spanning the entire breadth of the Broadway pantheon.

Much lesser attempts at mixing Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Broadway would’ve plucked the one or two direct quotes from Cats the show has pulled over the years. This one, by Twitter user @hotdamnperalta, avoids that temptation nicely.

And it only gets better from there.

The Hamilton nod quite obviously goes to the only source on the show capable of of going full Lin-Manuel Miranda: Gina Linetti.

Meanwhile, the Les Misérables comparison is right on perfect, because of godforsaken course Doug Judy is the Jean Valjean to Jake Peralta‘s long-suffering Javert.


Comparisons like that are so good it really only makes you angry you didn’t think of it first.

There’s big musical comparisons in there like WickedChicago, and The Phantom of the Opera all of which obviously rule.

And the ones for In the HeightsAvenue Q, and RENT are all spot-bloody-on as well.

But my personal favourite is the Sweeny Todd comparison. Mostly because Peralta’s “cool motive, still murder” line absolutely does me in.

Yeah, that’s the good stuff. The real, real, real, really, real good stuff, right there.

There’s a boatload more in the original Twitter thread, which you can find right here.

Bangpot, folks. Bangpot indeed.