Brody Jenner Says He “Didn’t Even Know” His Half-Sis Kylie Was Preganté

How flippin’ insane is it to think that once upon a time, Brody Jenner had more name recognition than all the K‘s put together?

While Kylie and Kendall were busy being rich yet semi-regular children, their big half-brother was busy making an ass of himself on The Hills.

And, if you believe recent reports, the Bromance host had absolutely no idea that his 20-year-old lip kit queen of a sister was prognert.

Gossip rag TMZ cornered a 34-year-old Brody at LAX on Thursday and quizzed him about freshly born bub, Stormi Webster.

In an exclusive vid, he tells the reporter he’s yet to meet the weather-inspired spawn. He went on to explain that he actually had no bloody idea the baby was even on the way.

“Well, to be honest, I didn’t even know she was pregnant for the entire pregnancy,”  he said. “Now I found out and would love to see her.”

Da fuck?

someone ain’t winning uncle of the year

Brody also shared that it’s been “a couple years” since he last spent time with his half-sister.

“Relationship’s always been there, but you know they’re busy,” he said of his concerningly famous family.

It is what it is. I would love to meet the baby.”

And I’m sure she’s probably sorta kinda semi excited to meet you too, Brodes.