Broad City’s Writers Are Penning A Female-Led “21 Jump Street” Spinoff

One thing Hollywood absolutely needs is more action and comedy-centric films with strong female characters as leads. But when that statement is made, it doesn’t necessarily mean taking pre-existing male-led properties and pinkwashing them. ‘Course there’s nothing wrong with adaptation, sideways adaptation, reimagining or rebooting; that’s a story-telling tool that’s been around for as long as day and night have existed. It’s just that only paying attention to one end of a seesaw turns it into an joyless tilted plank pretty damned quickly.

Sony Pictures is having an absolute field day with the 21 Jump Street franchise that Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum took from a kitschy TV remake and turned it into the most financially successful comedy film franchise of the past five years.
Not only have they dipped back into the well for a third time and commissioned the 23 Jump Street film that was severely mocked and skewered in 22 by Hill and Tatum, but now they’ve set their sights on going full Ghostbusters on its butt by pushing through a female-led spinoff.
With Sony already pushing forward the Paul Feig-directed lady Ghostbusters film – which carries the A+ cast of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones – attention is now being turned towards pushing through the female driven Jump Street film.
The deal is, reportedly, still extremely fresh. But by all accounts it looks like the studio has hired Broad City writers Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs to pen the script. Aniello and Downs also currently serve as executive producers on Broad City, and even the casual-est of fans will recognise Downs as Trey, the fitness instructor on the show.
There’s reasonably strong cases to be made in both the positive and negative instances for this projects place within the advancement of female representation in Hollywood fare. But for the time being it’s simply better off to classify this as something that definitely exists and deal with it as such.
With all that said, it’ll still probably wind up being outrageously funny. So at least there’s that.
via FilmDrunk.